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In a jam? Feel like you have no one to turn too? Can't stop worrying? Feeling empty?o STOP! It's the thoughts that you are thinking that are the problems. Let me HELP YOU find peace and resolution.

Alethia Cares Truly

I too have been at a very low place in my  life; minimum wage job, separated from my spouse w/a child, plus a later aged college student. It was hard yet I made it to success!

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A.S. Jackson is not your basic Life Coaching Institute the services that I provide will be a combination of support w/ depression, PTSD, healthy ways to self medicate, holistic healing etc. 

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I have a pretty extensive past from both parents absent do to their choices w/drugs, still I was a scholar student, ballerina, pianist, Army Vet, college graduate, a single mother along with several failed business ventures. I've survived abusive relationships, been sexually assaulted, experienced two divorces, lost many close to me due to untimely deaths, suffered several miscarriages along with much betrayal from people closest to me. It's not everyday you find someone who can actually listen and not judge; empower while undoing past mishaps. Well you have 'I'm Her'.  I have a huge heart is why I choose to HELP YOU. I can truly relate.

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Managing emotions-Death 

Abuse- Molestation- Sexual Abuse 

Family matters-Single Parenting, Divorce  Specialize coaching areas of Spiritual Endeavors, Career Balancing (work related issues), and Character Building.

Book Releases

~The Emotional Guide~

 By: A. S. Jackson 

Release date: to be announced

~Poems Of Emotions~

By: A. S. Jackson

Release date: to be announced

Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Alethia has helped me in various areas of my life to where I am now a better man by understanding my self more and helping me see that my weakness are not my downfalls, but how I viewed myself after the fact is what matters.She is very caring and wise.. book HER!! `Demetric Smith`

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How long has Alethia Been coaching?

-10 yrs

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-Email your contact info to alethiacarestruly.com you will receive an email. Follow those instructions

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